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Supplying application for Travian 4.4



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The application meets the Travian game rules, at any point it does not violate them, and therefore the Multihunter will not block you for using the Crop Tool.


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Welcome to the Crop Tool, the best supplying application for crop deliveries in Travian online strategy game. It helps you with building World Wonder to prevent troop starvation and granary overflows.


To create an account, you just have to fill out a simple registration form. Once you are registered, your account is immediately active and functional for 24 hours in full version and then automatically changed to the free basic version.


You can register a village with the World Wonder and also an ordinary village (the villages with building plans). In the basic version there are some limitations, but the Crop Tool is sufficient for players who want just to try the Crop Tool, respectively players who want to use the Crop Tool for feeding their large army in their villages.


Paid version is functional for the duration of a registered server.



Paid version of the Crop Tool includes:

• complete information on crop transports to your village (player's name, village, alliance, crop amount, percentages, arrival time, graphical representation of the granary state),


• information on crop overflow in the granary,


• information on the emptiness of the granary with its duration, the remaining time, the missing crop,


• helper in calculating the time when it is necessary to send crop by an empty granary,


• for each transport there is a countdown when crop will be delivered,


• processing suppliers, which are running 2x (3x),


• ranking of the TOP 10 supplying players, TOP 10 supplying alliances and TOP 10 crop overflowers,


• the current state of the army in the village,


• information on the consumption of crop by the army,


• information about the state of the warehouse and resources therein,


• helper which calculates when it will be enough resources to build the next level of the building,


• a complete overview of all transports into the village with the possibility of filtering and sorting,


• review of the transported resources from the individual players with the options to filter and sort out,


• a complete overview of all the armies with the possibility to filter and sort,


• review of the crop consumption for army and percentage of feeding from players,


• review of overflowed crop and its percentage,


• graph of crop state in granary for the last period,


• a list of reports from a travi-log of individual attacks,


• export statistics to Excel,


• some settings for your account.