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Supplying application for Travian 4.4



24 hours for free

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10 830 706

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57 / 1 344

The application meets the Travian game rules, at any point it does not violate them, and therefore the Multihunter will not block you for using the Crop Tool.


02. 11. 2023, 00:15

Travian Legends latest version support


15. 01. 2023, 17:00

Various changes and improvements


21. 08. 2022, 12:45

Various changes and improvements


01. 06. 2022, 01:00

Various changes and improvements


28. 03. 2022, 11:30

Various changes and improvements


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Limitations in the demo of the Crop Tool:


• the incoming merchants can be updated only once per 1 hour,


• the merchants running 2x (3x) are processed only once,


• the incoming merchants appear only in the next 2 hours in the number of max. 60 transports,


• not showing information when the granary will be empty,


• not showing help tool "when send crop" when granary empties,


• not showing of overflowed crop,


• not showing information which transports are new added,


• not showing statistics TOP 10,


• you have not access to army state and also you are not allowed to update it,


• you have not access to state of raw materials in warehouse,


• you have not access to statistics,


• you are not allowed to write message from the builders.